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 Oxyda Online KALANDRA

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Join date : 2010-03-26

PostSubject: Oxyda Online KALANDRA   Sat Apr 10, 2010 3:49 pm

IP : *
PORT : 8078

Oxyda's Server Being host by : (no official hoster yet)

Software : Kalandra(New)

This server is currently being use by the software Kalandra not EOSERV or SEOSE, as most kalandra server they make it admin only becouse they have nothing well this server will be played normaly and has many stuff and new stuff that others dont so please dont leave just couse ur not admin i get it that commands are awsome and u wanna be admin to use commands but alot of people will be having the same sadness thanks for reading and enjoy the server.

News will be replied in this topic

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PostSubject: Re: Oxyda Online KALANDRA   Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:35 am

Hey bro I tried to message you last night at like 9pm and you went offline what happend? I wanted to host it but you were not on.
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Posts : 38
Join date : 2010-03-26

PostSubject: Re: Oxyda Online KALANDRA   Tue Apr 13, 2010 6:13 pm

Server Updates :

Many new items

The server now has many new items such as : Turtle costume that also comes with Turtle Pet, for example once you were turtle costume a turtle will also spawn at the same time and follow you, turtles dont do much at this moment such as open lockers, you have a specific item that you start with name ''Locker'' to open you locker or use Bank Bob.

We now have all different kinds of bob for testing, some of them work some don't, right now were trying to make wise man work. (what we need)Class command such as{a command to change players calls doing game play} you will be rewarded for bringing to us the answer.

More stuff will be coming soon!! Invite friends and Enjoy the Server
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Posts : 38
Join date : 2010-03-26

PostSubject: Re: Oxyda Online KALANDRA   Sun Apr 25, 2010 6:10 am

All Items in server; number infront is ID

File:0000 Gold.cfg

File:0002 Pet Return.cfg

File:0004 White Skin.cfg

File:0005 Black Skin.cfg

File:0006 Yellow Skin.cfg

File:0007 Love Letter.cfg

File:0007 Orc Skin.cfg

File:0008 Panda Skin.cfg

File:0009 Skeleton Skin.cfg

File:0010 Peasant clothes (female).cfg

File:0011 Peasant clothes (male).cfg

File:0012 Peasant gloves.cfg

File:0013 Peasant belt.cfg

File:0014 Peasant shoes.cfg

File:0015 Rough stick.cfg

File:0020 Fish Skin.cfg

File:0021 Invisibal Skin.cfg

File:0050 Holy Book.cfg

File:0051 Silver Elf Braclet.cfg

File:0052 Golden Elf Braclet.cfg

File:0053 Golden Ring.cfg

File:0054 Silver Ring.cfg

File:0055 Leather Belt.cfg

File:0056 Skull Belt.cfg

File:0057 Leather Gloves.cfg

File:0058 Emerald Necklace.cfg

File:0059 Necro Necklace.cfg

File:0060 Leather Bracer.cfg

File:0061 Blue Boots.cfg

File:0062 Blue Boots.cfg

File:0063 Blue Boots.cfg

File:0064 Brown boots.cfg

File:0065 Brown Boots.cfg

File:0066 Brown boots.cfg

File:0067 Red Boots.cfg

File:0068 Red Boots.cfg

File:0069 Red Boots.cfg

File:0070 Purple Boots.cfg

File:0071 Purple Boots.cfg

File:0072 Purple Boots.cfg

File:0073 Pink Boots.cfg

File:0074 Green Boots.cfg

File:0075 Green Boots.cfg

File:0076 Green Boots.cfg

File:0079 Yellow Boots.cfg

File:0078 Yellow Boots.cfg

File:0079 Yellow Boots.cfg

File:0080 Black Boots.cfg

File:0081 Dark Boots.cfg

File:0082 Grey Boots.cfg

File:0083 Red Enchanted Boots.cfg

File:0084 Green Enchanted boots.cfg

File:0085 Blue Enchanted Boots.cfg

File:0086 Steel Boots.cfg

File:0088 Ancient Boots.cfg

File:0100 Good Force Wings.cfg

File:0101 Fire Force Wings.cfg

File:0103 Pole Arm.cfg

File:0104 White Samurai.cfg

File:0105 Iron Gloves.cfg

File:0106 Death Gloves.cfg

File:0107 Royal Boots.cfg

File:0108 Bow.cfg

File:0109 Crossbow.cfg

File:0110 White Robes.cfg

File:0111 Twin Blade.cfg

File:0114 Kitty Hat.cfg

File:0158 Normal Arrows.cfg

File:0199 Female Devil.cfg

File:0200 Male Devil.cfg

File:0201 Turtle Costume.cfg

File:0202 Panda Costume.cfg

File:0204 Male Elder Robes.cfg

File:0208 Female Elder Robes.cfg

File:0424 Fire Arrows.cfg

File:0425 Frost Arrows.cfg

File:0426 Hula Hula Pants.cfg

File:0427 Hula Hula Skirt.cfg

File:0428 Lens Of Truth.cfg

File:0429 Dark Endur.cfg

File:0430 Hula Hula Hat.cfg

File:0431 Helmet of Darkness.cfg

File:0432 Hat of Wonders.cfg

File:0433 Ketova.cfg

File:0434 Ketovu.cfg

File:0435 Baru.cfg

File:0436 Baruta.cfg

File:0437 Cook Hat.cfg

File:0438 Cook Uniform.cfg

File:0439 Cook Uniform.cfg

File:0440 1st Player Price.cfg

File:0441 2rd Player Price.cfg

File:0442 3rd Player Price.cfg

File:0443 Saw Sword.cfg

File:0493 Scav Bow.cfg

File:0494 Jack Spear.cfg

File:0495 Pirate Cap.cfg

File:0497 Glasses.cfg

File:0498 Draco.cfg

File:0499 Bazar Staff.cfg

File:0500 Oak Shield.cfg

File:0501 Dracota.cfg

File:0502 Oron.cfg

File:0503 Doctor Outfit.cfg

File:0504 Nurse Outfit.cfg

File:0505 Orona.cfg

File:0512 Dark Endura.cfg

File:0513 Medic Cap.cfg

File:0514 Hide.cfg

File:0515 Show.cfg

File:0516 Pet Attack.cfg

File:0517 Pet Follow.cfg

File:1000 Small HP potion.cfg

File:1001 Large HP potion.cfg

File:1002 New Player Announcement.cfg

File:1003 Large TP potion.cfg

File:1010 Stealth Potion.cfg

File:1013 Small TP potion.cfg

File:102 Good Wings.cfg

File:2000 Server news.cfg

File:4000 Watch.cfg

File:4001 Centaur Egg.cfg

File:4003 Dog Egg.cfg

File:4004 Oxyda.cfg

File:8000 Locker.cfg

File:8001 Sordie Solomon Pet.cfg

File:9001 Sordies Armour.cfg

File:9002 Sordies Hat.cfg

File:9003 Sordies Boots.cfg

File:9004 Sordies Whip.cfg

File:9501 Sausages Mini Axe.cfg

File:9502 The Sausage Robe.cfg

File:9503 Sausage Booties.cfg

File:9504 Sausages Face Cloth.cfg

File:9700 Scotts Hat.cfg

File:9701 Scotts Boots.cfg

File:9702 Scotts Book.cfg

File:9703 Scotts Pants.cfg

File:9705 Wings of the Goddess.cfg

File:9999 Wings of the Goddess.cfg
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Posts : 38
Join date : 2010-03-26

PostSubject: Re: Oxyda Online KALANDRA   Mon Apr 26, 2010 2:17 pm

New Release Items :

File:0600 Item IDs.cfg

File:0601 Pet Contract.cfg

File:0602 Trade Account Contract.cfg

File:0603 Bills.cfg

File:0603 House Contract.cfg

File:0604 Contract Infromation.cfg

File:0605 Item Contract.cfg

File:0606 Self Distruct.cfg

File:0607 Quake.cfg

File:0608 Guild Invitation.cfg

File:0609 Strong Beer.cfg

File:0610 Rank 0.cfg

File:0611 Rank 1.cfg

File:0615 Rank 5.cfg

File:0616 Rank 6.cfg

File:0617 Secret Admin.cfg
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Join date : 2010-03-26

PostSubject: Mobs ids   Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:13 pm

Mob = Pet

give some1 pet by saying

after that say =(their name).mob.locomotor=3 , so it follows it

EXAMPLE (ex. =setmob(4); Would spawm u a mummy)
(ex. =mob.locomotor=3; Would make the mob become your pet.

File:0001 Crow.cfg

File:0002 Rat.cfg

File:0003 Blob.cfg

File:0004 Mummy.cfg

File:0005 Fox.cfg

File:0006 Snake.cfg

File:0007 Goat.cfg

File:0008 Centaur.cfg

File:0009 Reaper.cfg

File:0010 Spider.cfg

File:0011 Barbarian.cfg

File:0012 Cactusaur.cfg

File:0013 Penguin.cfg

File:0014 Cyclops.cfg

File:0015 Skeleton.cfg

File:0016 Skeleton Warlock.cfg

File:0017 Skeleton Warrior.cfg

File:0018 Wingo.cfg

File:0019 Vyercil.cfg

File:0020 Undeath.cfg

File:0021 Blobsie.cfg

File:0022 Blobsie.cfg

File:0023 Lobster.cfg

File:0024 Chaos Spawn.cfg

File:0025 Blobsie.cfg

File:0026 Blobsie.cfg

File:0027 Blobsie.cfg

File:0028 Blobsie.cfg

File:0029 Blobsie.cfg

File:0030 Horse.cfg

File:0031 Unicorn.cfg

File:0032 Cyclops Guardian.cfg

File:0033 Birdman Worker.cfg

File:0034 Birdman Guard.cfg

File:0035 Birdman Captain.cfg

File:0036 Birdman Guard.cfg

File:0037 Inferno.cfg

File:0038 Wolfman.cfg

File:0039 Bullfrog.cfg

File:0040 Bullfrog.cfg

File:0041 Bullfrog.cfg

File:0042 Stinger.cfg

File:0043 Bat.cfg

File:0044 Wurm.cfg

File:0045 Ant Worker.cfg

File:0046 Ant Soldier.cfg

File:0047 Worm.cfg

File:0048 Teawk.cfg

File:0049 Jesaurus.cfg

File:0050 Hedgehog.cfg

File:0051 Gnome.cfg

File:0052 Gnome Rider.cfg

File:0053 Rock.cfg

File:0054 Stone Gollem.cfg

File:0055 Mushroom.cfg

File:0056 Taewcus.cfg

File:0057 Snail.cfg

File:0058 Snail.cfg

File:0059 Geggime.cfg

File:0060 Ewak.cfg

File:0100 Sordie.cfg

File:0101 Centaur L1.cfg

File:0102 Sausage.cfg

File:0103 Oxyda L100.cfg

File:0104 Dog L5.cfg

File:0105 Ant Worker.cfg

File:0106 Ant Soldier.cfg

File:0107 Teawk.cfg

File:0108 Batmaso.cfg

File:0109 Ice Giant.cfg

File:0110 Ice Crystal.cfg

File:0111 Hula Guy.cfg

File:0112 Bank Bob.cfg

File:0113 Barber.cfg

File:0114 Guild Bob.cfg

File:0115 Priest.cfg

File:0116 Law Bob.cfg

File:0117 Skill Bob.cfg

File:0118 Quest Bob.cfg

File:0119 Kalandra Innkeeper.cfg

File:0120 Turtle L100.cfg

File:0121 Panda L100.cfg

File:0122 Hell Guardian L100.cfg

File:0123 Binno L100.cfg
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PostSubject: Re: Oxyda Online KALANDRA   

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Oxyda Online KALANDRA
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